MY ORGANIC BHARAT ™️ is a family of revered Indian Farmers, 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾which is in Association with BHARAT KA KISAN™️ a Global Venture for Organic Practice Movement Across the World 🗺️ for Re-evolving 100% Natural, Organic Agriculture 🌿 and Allied Activities based on the morals & values of our ancestral covering the modern applied research & developed organic technology 🧩 proved in Agriculture & Allied sector.

Our Farmers from across the India, under our Agricultural Scientists supervision & Guidance ⚙️ Grows & Harvest, cultivate organic food Including Certified Organic Vegetables, 🥒🍆 Organic Fruits, 🍏🍉 Organic Dairy Products 🐄 and Organic Grains 🌾🎋 All of our Production are Certified, 🏅 Lab-Tested 🔬and is exclusively based on 100% Organic principles 🧩 and Natural Practices which contains full of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and natural minerals. 🧬

MY Organic Bharat is not only Cultivation Organic Foods, but also, we do our Own Dedicated In-House Supply Chain Management 🚚 direct to the Organic Customers across the world, that too without 🚫 involving any mediator or middleman, which reduces the cost of organic food and make our produce available at Assured Lowest Price Ever Heard. 💱

We Collect Green, 🌿 Fresh 🥬 Organic Food Direct from our farms land and Immediate within 04-05 hours of farm cultivation, deliver 🚚 it at your doorstep.


The contribution of Agriculture in the economy of the Country is Vital and significant. Agriculture sector makes up about 14% of GDP of the country. Natural resources and favourable conditions for the development of agriculture such as fertile soil, water and conducive weather conditions are available. The per unit productivity in agriculture, dairy, and plantation is lower than the average productivity found during scientific research. In this background many important steps have been taken for rapid development of Agriculture and In the same process we are also taking an effort to provide Green Fresh Veggies, Extinct Herbs and In-real organic Fruits & Ocean resources to the people of the Bharat but Only and Only Organic (Jaivik).

We also strive to promote agroecological principles and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development and exchange of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables, in the most environmentally and economically sustainable manner possible. Using animals’ wastes, cow dunk cakes and all traditional methods used by ours (ancestors), hand tools and, when necessary, motorized equipment, we are striving to leave our land and our community in better condition than we found them.


Providing food which is healthy, direct from mother earth without harming natural creatures like Animals, Birds, worm etc. without exploiting ecological balance and nontoxic to infants. Improved rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems in the Nation.

Our Farm is a diversified, full-time family farm that provides wholesome food and sustainably produced products for our community. We are a family business that others can learn from, and we are a family that helps our neighbours. We work in partnership with the nature and natural world. We support other farmers who share our vision of sustainable agriculture and we work to be as self-sufficient as possible.


  • Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations
  • Value for the environment and ecosystems
  • Professional, effective and informed by relevant science
  • Creative, flexible and innovative
  • Sensitive to gender
  • Quality, equality and ethics
  • Passion & Strict Discipline towards Framed Polices to all.


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