MY ORGANIC BHARAT ™️ is incorporated for the sole purpose of to provide chemical free intoxicated food in your thaali, 🍱 like which were used to eat by our great great grand ancestors 🥕🥒🍅 to keep you away from diseases and truck loads of medicines 💊💉🩸 because natural food is already a medicine which works as a fuel to our body and consider the circumstances if you eat wrong and toxicated medicine and that too on daily basis , and to provide these at valuable costs because purity n value is the concept we take very seriously and it means great everyday prices for all of our great healthier products. No sales, no gimmicks, no clubs to join, no special cards to swipe…….. just original and fair. 🥕🍅🥗

We are spread across all over India and bring you the best of all states and cities those are famous for, harvested by all authenticated 🔬🧬 means used by our forefathers and think about it as just a step towards making Hindusthaan organic 🌿🍀 and free from all those double standard and mutilated foods which are being served to us very long and making our body (a home to all new diseases). 💪🏃‍♀️🏃

MR. PRAVEEN KUMAR (Managing Director, India Operations)   

(CS,  CA & CMA (f),  B.COM,  M.COM,  LLB,  NCFM – BSE,  IFRS-UK,  GAAP-USA) :-  

The Man Behind the Idea to serve our World with 100% Natural & Certified Organic Food. Though Having a Non-Agricultural Qualification, however with an Intense Agricultural Family Background of MY Father (Indian Army), I earned degree in graduate and post graduate in commerce Stream from Central University, as well as a Professional degree of Qualified company secretary (CS), Degree holder & professional Experience in Cost and Management Accountant Degree, (CMA) & Chartered Accountants Practicing Areas (CA) with having years of industrial experience in Corporate Laws, Taxation, Accounting and Auditing. I Feel this Innovative step towards Feeding organic and removing the hazardous, mal – nutrition & chemically grown food from our meal will definitely assist our nation in all aspects, including good livelihood to farmers, Healthy Food to Consumers, and at last the mental satisfaction to our team by achieving all the aspects.

ADVOCATE SRINIVASAN IYER (Legal Partner – CA, BA-L.Lb, Supreme Court Barrister):-

Person with high dignity and of 15 Years + Experience in Civil, Criminal & Corporate Cases including rewarded cases from High Court, Supreme Courts & Tribunals from ITAT, CESTAT, CCI etc. Now Headed to our organisation in Cyber Crime and Digital Legal Cases.

DR. SHANKAR (Rtd. Senior Professor, Puducherry Agriculture University) :-

A Man of Passion in Agriculture & Allied Activities, who served his whole life to our nation to educate, research & trained myriads of University Cadets, Kisan Vikas Centre’s, CSIR Labs and Delivered plenty of National & International Seminar’s on Development in Organic Agriculture

DR. VIPUL (Advisor – Professor, Dr. Lohia National Law University, Lucknow) :-

We are glad to include in our team member as an legal consultant such a man with updated legal experience in serving the accredited university and protect our orgasation with the outside unfair trade practices.

DR. NIDHI ( R&D Team Administrator – Professor, Department of Chemistry, D.A.V College Kanpur) :-

Engaged as a bio-chemistry and genetic areas in Agriculture & Allied Activities research & Development. We are glad to serve by her on technical knowledge in Plant, Seeds & Allied Practical Knowledge.

MR. SAURABH (Area Manager) :-

The person as an vital Pilar of our organisation, who is serving his dedicated & Specialised Skills of Managing our Training & Developments of Organic Farmers Aspects, solving their problems, Contributing the major problem our economy by providing living & Livelihood to our organic farmers.

MR. TARUN (Northern India Operations) :-

Act as an Operational Manager Indulging overall management of activities of our Northern India Operations. His Interest in Organic Quality Management & Management of other pillars including streamline the other process as per our quality standards.

DR. ANURAG (Organic Agricultural Department, Government of India):

He Holds Deep Knowledge of all the aspects of Organic Farming, Including Seed Management, Procurement of High-quality Inputs, Production Managements, Government guidelines Alignments, Involving our origination at Global Organic Movement to ensure the trust of 100% Natural & Certified Organic.

This is quite a few glimpses of our team and many more are working day n night to serve you better. Your support will take us to extra miles and we can create a better environment for you and as well as all of your Loved Once. thankyou. 🙏